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Make your company befitting and compatible with latest technology. We create stunning and professional business website worldwide.


A well-designed website can significantly benefit your business. A good website can also help you provide better client service and increase customer satisfaction. Your website can also support you in exploiting Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to promote your business.

• Expert Team
• Worldwide Clients

Talukdar IT’s expert Web Design team will train your supplies and design a website that goes your idea into authenticity. Talukdar IT – BEST WEB DESIGN COMPANY IN BANGLADESH has facilitated hundreds of companies with their websites and always works with new consumers. As long as our service for more than 5000+ Customers in 50+ Countries which is exceptional.


Talukdar IT, also known as Bangladesh’s decisive Web Design and Development Company, assures cutting-edge expertise with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We most prominently safeguard User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), which brands a website worth attractive. Our Amenities cover Small and Medium Initiatives to Corporate Levels. We also design Portfolios and E-Commerce Websites.

Why choose managed IT services?

Our Web Design Packages price is unbeatable with any other companies in Bangladesh. We not only design attractive websites but also guarantee after-sales backup. We promise to make your web involvement flatter.

24/7 on going support

Whenever you have a question about your website, emails, domain, hosting or anything , our friendly team are here to provide simple, honest advice and guidance.

Client Requirements

We are always committed to providing the best experience to our clients by owning a comprehensive website for their business.

Proper Security

Our dedicated web development team always follow best coding practices to keep your data safe. Along with safe coding practices we use secure host, SSL certificate and third-party security tools.

Divide Into Sprint

Our project manager divided the full project into a few small sprints; usually, we consider every week a single sprint. Our development team works to complete assigned tasks to complete a sprint circle, and when a sprint circle is finished, the project manager reviews it, and the development team immediately starts working on the next sprint.

Competitive Pricing

We know the pain points of our clients. Most of our competitors’ charging amounts for web development projects are out of budget for our clients. But we always give priority to winning a new client instead of receiving a new bank cheque. We offer competitive pricing for a web development project in a way that we can create a win-win situation for both of us.

Why Choose Talukdar IT?

Talukdar IT is the leading managed IT service provider in South Florida, providing IT services and solutions to small and medium-sized businesses across the country.

Modest Pricing in Bangladesh:

Talukdar IT always highlights customer needs and work capacity. We have learner and low-budgeted Web Design Packages for new startups. Talukdar IT has cheap Web Design Packages for Small enterprises, Mid-Level companies, and Portfolio websites; we suggest customizable prices for corporate websites or Large-scale Web portals. The price range of our Web Design Packages is unbeatable and reasonable in Bangladesh.

UX and UI Design

A website is not about only interpreting the HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes. Instead, it refers to the sincere rationale for the (UX) and User Interface (UI). While developing any site size, we keep the user's conduct in mind. The calmer the border your site has, the more companies will return to your website. Also, the visitor will devote more time to your web border, which matters—the overall website Clicks Through Rates (CTR) and Bunch Rates Hinge on it. So, we continuously try to keep recurring visitors and hold them to your websites.

10+ years of experience

Here at Wheelhouse IT, you’ll be assigned your own help desk pod that becomes an extension to your team, unlike other MSPs where you are tossed into an ocean of help desk technicians.

Enthusiastic Customer Supports

Talukdar IT is a service-oriented creation that sells facilities to our potential customers. So, we always count on customer gratification and positive response. We have several Customer Support Managers to confirm after-sales support. Talukdar IT has launched a 24/7 Live Chat option on our website homepage for better interactions. Also, a call now button has been added so our clients can readily admit us. We always try to recover our customer's support to safeguard customer interaction.

Qualified Web Design Team

We have made our staffing system problematic to employ experienced Web Designers. All staff had to go through a trial period of 6 months. We also hold our staffs for a long time in our company. We have established many customized websites and have more than 500 active websites nationwide. Our Web Designers have been skilled in designing good-looking and user-friendly sites for the last ten years.

Payment Suppleness

The payment technique is a dynamic issue for any client. Usually, new and small inaugurations are always yearned after raising funds. So, they can always not pay our facility fees at a time. Keeping this situation in mind, we have supple payment systems. You have to spend a certain booking amount at the time of order, and we will start sketching your site. The rest of the payment can be paid after the distribution of work. We are Bangladesh's Best Web Design Company, which has very stretchy payment systems.

Project delivery in time

Based on the volume of work, we try to bring websites within 7 Days to 30 Days. We endlessly bring your services before the planned time. Talukdar IT believes that when a website is launched, it exploits your sales and online identity.

Responsive and Dynamic Websites

Google Analytics data show that clients visit a website from diverse devices. So, your website should be visible properly from any device. We design mobile-friendly, responsive, and dynamic websites for you. A static website can only be efficient with programming knowledge.

Website Content Writing

Contents are a powerhouse of a website. Excellent and expressive Content brings potential customers and holds them to your websites. Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) continuously favor expressive and accurate web content to rank on the first page. Great and sole content support to boost your website's SEO. Although We have brilliant full-time website content writers who will lead your site to new perfection

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• Easy to Customize
• Dynamic Website
• Search Engine Optimization
• Highly Secure
• Mobile Friendly

Website Content Writing

We are one of the top corporate website design companies in Bangladesh that shape exclusive, actual, amenable, instinctive, SEO-friendly, good-looking, and eye-catching sites to tempt more customers/visitors, raise lead conversion rates, and assist you in attaining your business goals.

Generate More Client & Visitor

A business site is a significant advertising advantage for you. If it isn't creating a lucrative business, it's time to make a new one with a high-end professional custom web design. Our professional website designers are skilled in diverse design methods and will do their best to create a website that encounters your company's supplies.


• Secure Website
• Inventory Management
• Order Management
• Customer Management
• Product Management

Talukdar IT’s Powerful substructure allows you to sell your creation online. It’s straightforward & humble to achieve an E-Commerce Website. We are capable of helping many companies with founding E-Commerce businesses. Many of these customers are based in the USA. Your E-Commerce Site will be fully receptive, user-friendly, and cross-browser well-matched. You’ll achieve your product set with an easy-to-use control panel. Popular payment choices such as bKash, Nagad, Rocket Payment, Bank Transfer, and PayPal can be combined with your website.


Contrary to common beliefs, Talukdar IT, a Dhaka web design company, bids much more than prediction. Our company concentrates on emerging visually attractive and deliberately designed online stores to safeguard customers ‘ unforgettable shopping experiences. We serve trades and clientele as a platform enabling B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) connections. Our ultimate goal, irrespective of the client type, is to make content customers.
We provide complete solutions for the digital world, which has become troublesome in many industries. Industries that drive the global cheap need to familiarize with the new consumer stresses and a globalized world.

Cilent Benefits Frequently Asked Question

Most common Cilent Frequently Asked

Talukdar IT services are designed to streamline processes, boost and enhance efficiency overall productivity for your business. You can expect reduced downtime, better scalability and improved performance.
I’ll start working on your project as soon as I receive the first 50% upfront payment. And will send you an update accordingly based on our discussion.
Our team is available 24/7 to address any issues promptly, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations.
Sure. We understand that each business is unique. Talukdar IT solutions are highly customizable to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that you get the most relevant and effective services tailored to you needs.
Actually, it depends on the type of project and the requirements. If you are in a hurry, you have to inform me before starting working, and hopefully, I can complete any project with fewer than 6 pages within 4 days. Again it depends based on requirements.
Grow with the cloud! Talukdar IT solutions let you scale up easily, and save on unnecessary costs.
This is a very important part. I have worked with so many clients, and based on my experience, I noticed that some of the clients want their project on time, but after placing the order, they just disappear. So if you do not communicate properly or respond, then it might take longer to finish the project.
Currently, We are only receiving only payments using Local Bank, bkhas, Wise, Western Union & Payoneer .

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